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Schemat podłączenia falownika Omron L1000A


Schemat podłączenia falownika Omron L1000A

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<1> Remove the jumper when installing a DC reactor. Models CIMR-LC2A0085 through 2A0415 and 4A0045 through 4A0216 come with a built-in DC reactor.
<2> Set L8-55 to 0 to disable the protection function of the built-in braking transistor of the drive when using an optional regenerative converter or dynamic braking option.
<3> Set up a thermal relay sequence to disconnect drive main power in the event of an overheat condition on the dynamic braking option. <4> Supplying power to the control circuit separately from the main circuit requires a 24 V power supply (option).
<5> This figure illustrates an example of a sequence input to S1 through S8 using a non-powered relay or an NPN transistor. Install the wire link between terminals SC-SP for Sink mode, between SC-SN for Source mode, or leave the link out for external power supply. Never short terminals SP and SN, as it will damage the drive.
<6> The maximum output current capacity for the +V and -V terminals on the control circuit is 20 mA. Never short terminals +V, -V, and AC, as it can cause erroneous operation or damage the drive.
<7> Set DIP switch S2 to the ON position to enable the termination resistor in the last drive in a MEMOBUS/Modbus network.
<8> Use jumper S3 to select between Sink mode, Source mode or external power supply for the Safe Disable inputs.
<9> Disconnect the wire jumper between H1 - HC and H2 - HC when utilizing the Safe Disable input.
<10> Monitor outputs work with devices such as analog frequency meters, ammeters, voltmeters, and wattmeters. They are not intended for use as a feedback-type of signal.
<11> When the drive is set to trigger a fault output upon activation of the fault reset function (L5-02 = 1), a sequence to interrupt power when a fault occurs will shut off the power to the drive when the drive attempts a reset. The default setting for L5-02 is 0 (fault output not active during reset attempt).